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Old aim chatrooms

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Among its many uses and benefits, the Internet has transformed and simplified how people communicate with each other around the globe. In addition toinstant messaging has played a large role in bringing people together.

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The reason that they disclosed for this decision was that it would help them make space for future growth in business and will allow them to put forward other Yahoo products. When the internet started, all we had was these chat rooms which kept us entertained and busy.

Before Yahoo, AIM also took the same decision of shutting down its feature of the chat room. The reason, for the shutting down of such forums, is the low traffic and a low of users of such website products.

Aim chat rooms

Every other person now has a mobile phone which has so many apps for meeting new people and talking to strangers. And this innovation of technology made such chat rooms less crowded, leading their owners to take strict decisions. AIM can still be considered as one of the most active chat rooms in comparison to Yahoo chat rooms.

Yahoo chat rooms had a few problems which led to the flight of users. Spambots used to remove users from the chat rooms. However, this gradually led to the discontinuation of Yahoo chat in the yearon December the 14 th.

But, for those who love using Yahoo and were really upset by this news should know that Yahoo has improved their Yahoo messenger in the yearallowing its users to enjoy some new features which will be discussed below. Yahoo Messenger here allows you to send more than pictures to your friends and family. This process is made faster by Yahoo, as they help you send the photos in a lower resolution. But when you receive these pictures, they are in high resolution as expected to be.

A brief history of instant messaging

Did you know that you could unsend the message that you sent on Yahoo messenger? It is recently that Whats App also offered the same feature where you can delete messages that you have already sent. But Yahoo was the first one to bring such an idea in the market.

Yahoo Messenger can be downloaded on various gadgets. You can have it on your personal computer and on your mobile phone. You can use the app while you are on the move. In addition to this, you can also access it through your Yahoo id. Use it at your own ease accordingly.

You can now send some really interesting GIFs to your friends and family that you chat with through the GIF option on the Yahoo messenger. Yahoo Messenger now allows you to create groups as you like to chat with a group of people at the same time.

Aim (software)

This feature can be very helpful in managing your social and work life simultaneously. You also have an option to talk to people individually. Group chats can be helpful for office work. For instance, you can make groups with different departments of the office, or the people who work under you can be kept in touch and connected through such group chats.

Yahoo allows you to use Yahoo messenger even if you have not downloaded the application. You can access it through your id. You just need to be ed in to access it. Earlier, in case of no connection to the internet, it was very difficult to send files or photos on Yahoo messenger.

Impressive beginnings

However now, it allowed users to attach files offline, as many they want to, which would automatically be sent when the server gets connected to the internet. Yahoo has been one of the oldest forums just like Hotmail where people have already made so many friends and who can now be contacted through the Yahoo messenger. Note: There is also an addition of a feature where you can run multiple instances of the Messenger at the same time.

The very first step that you need to take is to update your current Yahoo Messenger and download the advanced version to enjoy these features.

End of a chat room era. By Habiba Rehman February 17, 3 minutes read.

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