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You know the kind of day that feels like a Monday that never ends?

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Her innate curiosity led her on a sex and biology research deep-dive that coincided with the start of her relationship with her husband. As a result, she is passionate in her work and home about open and aware sexual dialogue, consent, communication, and support. Jordan is a year-old cisgender female who describes herself as white, straight, monogamous and married with two. I am sex and intimacy coach Leah Carey. And this is a place to share conversations with all sorts of women about their experience of sexuality.

These are unfiltered conversations between adult women talking about sex. If anything about the sentence offends you, turn back now! I believe that you are stronger than the trauma you have experienced. I have faith in your ability to deal with things that upset you. Sound good? LEAH : Hey friends.

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Get ready for a really good time with this episode. That was all I knew about her when I got on the line for this conversation. I find her really interesting and fun, while also being really informative and wise, especially for a woman in her early twenties. We recorded this interview in November She grew up in a Christian home and she describes her body as tall and lanky like a baby giraffe. I am so pleased to introduce Jordan! Jo, welcome! So, manifestation or whatever you want to call it, it worked.

And the first question I ask everyone is what is your first memory of sexual pleasure? It was just suddenly a part of my life. LEAH : Yeah.

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It just kind of happened that way. So, before you turned sixteen or seventeen, had you discovered masturbation? Had you discovered your body at all or did that all happen in your mid-teens? Very, very young.

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And I was super into and a huge part of my life up until I was probably twenty was being involved with horses, training horses. I ran the rodeo circuits all over Michigan for a long time. And I remember probably in one of my very first horseback riding classes or something.

That was terrifying. I could have peed my pants in front of everybody. That would have been so embarrassing.

For a very long time. I think I watched a movie or there was something and, in the movie, they referenced it.

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It was a part of the comedy. It was a part of a joke. What the heck is that all about? This is a thing that people do a lot. Good to know. But first, what kinds of conversation were happening in your home around sex, sexuality, female sexuality?

I still am a Christian.

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It was very positive, very loving environment. And so, the first introduction to any kind of sexual education that I had was when I was in fifth grade and we were doing that unit in science, the birds and the bees and the talks and whatever.

And so, they wrote me a note to exclude me from that week to exclude me from that unit so I spent an hour a day in the library just chilling. And it was the most stereotypical birds and the bees talk. Zero warning.

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Zero lead up. I had heard the word used. Show me where the vagina is. Show me where your urethra is. No clue.

It was just the general area down there. And my mind was blown. Hold up. This causes this causes this causes this, boom, a baby. So, that first birds and the bees talk was just talking about how sex creates children. There was no talk of the relationship side of sex. There was no fluidity in the conversation.

It was very scientific and from there, I went to bed, I think. I have a penis. Your mom has a vagina.

I ejaculate. A baby is made and then, the baby is born out of the vagina. And then, bringing in the Biblical side of it. That was the only talk of sex that we had in our house. It was never viewed as taboo.

My dad always made it very clear to us that we were more than welcome to ask him any questions, to bring anything up if we were curious about anything. Nothing was off limits. We were allowed to say anything and ask anything, but it was such a cringey subject for a fifth grader to go talk to her parents about that I never just brought it up again.

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For some reason growing up, my period, the reproductive system, birth, none of it was weird. None of it really was a big deal. So, I got my period. I was seventeen.

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I got it a little later. This is normal. Check that off the list. Can you pick me up some tampons?

I just forgot. LEAH : Did it concern you that you started later?

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And it eventually showed up, so it never concerned me that it arrived late. So, later I ended up getting diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Every woman goes through it. This is no big deal. That was not normal.