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Read Full Thread. Read Full Thread Reply. So today didn't go well, don't think people are so stupid to believe Alba. First place they think there's gold and they hit it Next, today's RNS wasn't anything but a move on upping the shareprice, you wait months and only when they are crashing out do they supposedly produce gold.

There is no urgency on dewatering it's just because they should have done it already.

More months of alba chat and gameplaying. The only real action was from the MM's and people wanting out, that speaks volumes to those that predicted some epic rise - why aren't you mining already, becoming all to easy to see their tactics. Interest in these fools is low and lost, how will you develop Greenland, no cash, no interest from anyone, no chance of funding what you need and still years off that the EV market won't need graphite. Are Alba ever going to get a Rio Tinto type deal and access to their processing - fat no there also. How you act as a company comes back to bite you, consider yourselves deeply bitten.

The RNS is hastily written, a refusal to actually mine only structure, why isn't the pitting going to the wash plant instead of lab analysis and still not one gram of gold to show. Most have seen Alba for what it is and their tactics rank up amongst the worst for Aim companies.

A growing base of investors alba chat see this as a long scam and avoid it totally as well as reputable companies outright ignoring them due to a history of doing what they are now.

Alba mineral resources share discussion thre

Alba chat most shocking is that they haven't anything to show from the wash plant and refuse to give real assays only lab analysis of small fractions. You could view today's report as a desperate attempt to save their shareprice. Why didn't this report come months ago when it should have!? A lot holding won't see the obvious s but you can't blame them as they need to recoup losses and become overly defensive - money does strange things to people. I thought ramps were a-coming and got that spot on, it's upto investors to keep financing them or let it die like it should, either way there seems to be no end or revenue and I traded on their ramps and don't feel a need to try to make any more which for some is hard to do when there is a carrot constantly dangled in front of them.

But thngs just got a lot more interesting which I was waiting for, Alba need pushing hard to get them to show their cards and today a few more were shown, would this report have happened if they weren't pushed into a tricky position - me thinks not.

That seems the biggest point - would they have released a hasty report if their shareprice was still in the 0. No gold though just another report when the share price had dropped too low and they need placings. Stellar did the same - ask for a photo of this gold!? Suggest it wasn't enough to even view but now they doctor the RNS like it's actually grams per tons worth. Let me guess, four reports this month, an inability to produce this data for months and what looks like another ramp not proper finding by the slap dash way they typed it up and gave names that supposed lot drs. It's bad, like I said, like the company assays before that then went on to find zero gold.

You don't find all this and at this moment to be very suspicious!? The worst and biggest tell this is a garden path is that they can't recover a single gram from wash plant but get alba chat when sent to a lab in concentrate form - ok good luck you were warned that this is dodgy!

Really dropping DH. Highly nuggety but missing any nugetts. GoldToday highly nuggety nature of the lodes.

Share price information for alba mineral resources (alba)

That made me smile :. Look at lengths and grade. Dropping fast again, that brief gold ramp seems over now. They can't recover gold with wash plant because it's grade is too small so send away for assay. That seems what Stellar did and why they never recovered even a gram let alone have any pictures for investors.

Alba know they are beat, know they will be lucky to recover anything of note and know share holders see the same. The price will always fall to nothing, its already happened some just won't accept it yet.

Can't wait for a RNs to tell us that there will be RNs to tell us that the samples have arrived at the testing lab which I believe is on Mars. So a bit of a wait Boyo. My mistake the pit samples are being sent away for assay, another long wait. These are delay tactics again, 15t at what grade?

Expecting a few Ounces in return but you all know assays are not Alba's strong point. So they buy time, no gold and hit you with the Greenland ramps for the ninth year running. Sentiment will die again, this is pretty bad almost childish There were a ton of companies not just Boohoo to trade of recent, no one's been late to any party whatsoever only long holders in Alba.

Speaking of which - no RNS or gold yet, is the wash plant even working? Not hard to grind, wash alba chat write the RNS to go with it!

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How long are these pit reports going to take, we witnessed them loading, shouldn't they be crushed and washed by now? These aren't going to get sent of and six months later wondering when are ready. Any mine with a plant could complete this in under a alba chat, two max and show gold recovery?

Keya are you invested in them? You don't have to answer that but it would seem your motivation or to get others to. Its history and current status is not good, it does have some great potential but then so do a lot of other sites across Wales which suffer similar problems alba chat as low profits, grades and hard to turn commercial. Coed y Brenin is a similar type and style but it's hard to make these market prices and so they sit unloved and unwanted.

I can say the same of many places up and down the country, were not blessed with the type of geology and grades areas abroad are and these are small reserves compared to China, India, America etc etc etc. Their recent developments were promising but to move into mining is not hard and takes a year or two. I would be more interested when they commit to buying equipment and looking like they aren't another Alba since many have talked development here but given up. Right now they are at the start line already 9million cap and rounds of fundraising but no further along on the mining side.

This isn't a complicated country to mine in, most will approve quickly if you simply satisfy a few criteria which means you can move forward to production almost overnight. Alba is a bottom feeder, no development and for what they are a stupidity high market cap with no reserves in the bank. Too many see that you can become this type of company and not a real development and mining company which keeps me reserved until the difference surfaces.

Share price chart

If they did restart then yes they would make a small steady stream of gold from refinement processes of the ore. Selling this to investment seems pointless, the real money is in the copper, zinc etc and like with Alba just chasing gold is a futile task. I can show you hundreds of gold mines that in the 's produced low grades but won't ever produce again but here Welsh gold could get a restart just based on the millions of ton they would move.

It's not awful but it's not a long term prospect yet either.

Is that a fair analysis - I think so, a lot more positive than any I've given Alba. They done nothing anywhere, but let them think they are some world class operation and see how much they keep topping up their shares before it all falls apart. Three years still scratching for gold is a dead give away this is just a front for GF's wages.

By now they would be the next Bluejay or Scotgold but still drilling pointless holes to sell the next RNS to idiots